Free Half-Hour Complete Lighting Course

gary fong
over 2 years agoJanuary 14, 2020
This 30 minute COMPLETE lighting course will teach you how to create studio lighting, anywhere/anytime with the Gary Fong Fashion and Commercial Lighting Kit
You will learn how to create high impact 1. black and white spotlight, 2) Color Portrait with a single off-camera flash 3) adding a hairlight 4) creating a color background on a plain white wall, 5) using flash outdoors for dramatic effects and 6) using the Lightsphere for smooth "wrap around" soft and even lighting.
Alan Morris
over 2 years agoMarch 21, 2020
Just a quick note from a long time Lightsphere user.  I have been reviewing all my photos from 2006-2019.  I have selected the "best of" for each year.  It is crystal clear that the flash pictures using the Lighsphere were far superior to any other diffused or non diffused flash photos I have taken. And I tried a lot of alternatives.  Thanks from a long time Lightshere fan.
Gary Fong
over 2 years agoMarch 22, 2020
Alan - thank you so much for saying this, and congratulations on all of the accolades of your work. Speedlights are amazing for shaping and changing ratios on photos simply because of the ability to use high speed sync. Add to that the completely "spherical" nature of the Lightsphere and you have diffusion, or focused beams/added color. The creative possibilities are endless really. Good for you for recognizing it and learning how to expand creativity with still photography.
Kimberley Mock
almost 2 years agoSeptember 27, 2020
I am just a beginner, I am trying to figure out what the 3rd light is? Is it another speedlight or some other apparatus.  Please let me know what I can purchase for my Nikon D610 and speedligh sb 900 af. Thank you, your videos are much appreciated!
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